January is not but halfway through. Though everyone talks the talk, once the holidays are a fading memory, things turn back to as they were.

I am quite positive that 2016 will be a year full of significant good changes as I continue to navigate the ever crowded and changing book market. It is not going to be an easy road, but it is one I will climb and win.

Kilted Cowboys was released in November, just prior to the holidays. In retrospect, I should have held it until the first of the year. Sales have been dismal to say the least. Reviews have been few and far between, but the ones KC has gotten have been top notch.

Kilted Cowboys  (ebook) 10-04-15

A social media blitz was done this week with some sales and spike in the rankings. But alas, it did not hold. Refusing to be discouraged, I’m going to attempt some new things (remember, it can take up to a year for a book to reach best-seller status – those that make it up the ranks quickly are either seasoned, established authors or have dumb luck on their side).

You will be seeing Kilted Cowboys in different places, media platforms (if you know your marketing or PR you’ll know it takes at least seeing a brand or in this case the cover of a book seven times for it to stay with a potential new reader). Contests are coming among other fun things. Stay tuned!

On other matters, the trend these days for a lot of authors to have PA’s (personal assistants). I have always done my own work, giving it half a day of my attention, spending the other half writing. I’ve resisted hiring someone, but I’ve given into at least talking with some potential PA’s to see what they can offer. We shall see if there is indeed a match for me.

There is a huge misconception among some people that I am negative. Nothing could be further from the truth. I will admit it is hard, having been at this for five years to see people grab the so-called golden ring and get it on their first attempt. My advice to them when things aren’t all shiny and pretty like they were, at first, is to keep writing. It’s a tough, solitary job being a writer. If you think it’s not, you haven’t been at it nearly long enough.

I have much planned for this year – and for now, that’s where I’ll leave it. Perhaps I’ve been too open about my upcoming releases in the past. Some of what will come out in 2016 are expected and has been discussed.

Then there is the unknown and unexpected to which I shall drop hints and teasers. Some of them so blatant you won’t realize it until I make the formal announcement of the book’s title, release day and cover.

Keep you eyes peeled! It’s going to be an amazing ride in 2016!