Yes, it’s true! My passion – writing feels like it’s being consumed by a tribe of cannibals. Every single word of it.


It used to be all we did was write. Marketing and advertising might at most take an hour or so. Not in today’s market. A writer can find themselves all consumed spending a good part of a day, marketing, chatting in FB groups, interacting with readers, and gosh knows what else. Unless you’re one of the fortunate ones that is fortunate to have a personal assistant, or a small army of the faithful to assist you, your writing time becomes a block of time.

Frustrating especially when all your attempts seem to be failing. My numbers are dismal for someone who’s been at it as long as I have. It’s enough to make one’s head explode! You begin to wonder all sorts of things…

You research, listen to what others have found works. Still nothing changes. You go back through your back list. Good,  strong, well-written books every one of them. No matter what is tried, the results are the same and with each new book,  you watch it fall into the abyss of Amazon or whatever distributors you have it with. You feel like quitting on a regular basis. Quitting isn’t in your vocabulary.

Keep writing! Perhaps the next one will be the next best seller everyone’s talking about. Or not. Trust me I’m not being negative here. I’m being realistic. The human psyche can only bear so much rejection. It’s human nature. None of us are above it.

So what’s an author to do? You tell me. If someone can share the magic bean, tell me where I can get mine. No seriously. Rather than cry (something I rarely do), I keep on. Writing the next one. Hoping for the day I will sell more than a handful of books a month.

And keep on racing to keep the cannibals away…