Today people in the United States get to experience something that comes along only every few decades (the last one being in 1979 I believe).

What is is about such celestial events has everyone acting crazy. True, people want to experience it first hand, but have you seen some of the photos taken in Oregon? Thousands of people have descended into the wilderness for the event. We can hope it isn’t left trashed and ruined once they exit.

Rather than use the rare event as a scientific teaching experience for children, and teach them how to make a viewing box to watch the eclipse (or watch through approved glasses) some schools have opted for a day off. Why? They’re afraid one of the little darlings might dare to try and watch, looking directly into the eclipse and ruin their eyes. Lawsuit…oh the times we live in.

So be smart out there and have fun, while somewhere on a cruise ship, Bonnie Tyler will sing her hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.