As you may have heard Secret Cravings Publishing closed it’s doors. Fortunately I was able to have the rights returned to the eight books I’d published with them a lot sooner than most authors in similar situations.

All the books are out, self-published and priced significantly lower than before. I will feature one of these eight every week to introduce new readers and those on the fence who were hesitant to purchase because of price.

First up – Choice Matters (Southern Heat Series). Only $0.99!


Apolo Choice, master of all that surrounds him. A billionaire at an age when most men are still in college. He has never failed; failure is not in his vocabulary.

Enter Caitlyn White, beautiful, sophisticated and educated. Drawn to the dark and roguish man, she finds her self control teetering on the edge as she enters Apolo Choice’s world…a world full of contradictions, mystery and passion.

Finding himself falling deeply in love, Apolo realizes he must come clean with her. He must reveal a secret his family has kept hidden. A past situation his own brother would rather Apolo not share with anyone.

Caitlyn sees his “secret” as a way to boost her man’s rising political star. If Apolo Choice can rise like a phoenix, then anyone can. Together they take on not only politicians, but family as well.

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